Tuesday, April 25, 2017

1967 Ford Custom 2-door sedan with the W-code 427-4V 4spd, Marti Report shows 1 of 1, and 16,175 miles

Ford only built one W code (410 hp single 4 barrel) 427 Custom 2dr, and ten R code dual quad 427 Custom 2drs. 

Of the 952,553 full-size 1967 Ford cars, only 19 were W-code equipped.

Of these 19 W-codes,  Only 3 of 5 in the full size Ford registry are still known to exist, and this car is the only 1 of those 3 cars known to still exist with its original W-code 427-4V 410 hp engine.


in the classic 1960's VE Bug advertising style, the MF

They are racing Darts in Brazil, and seem to be having a good time.

Model T trivia

The 1908 and the 1927 Model Ts were almost entirely different cars, as cataloged in minute detail by Bruce McCalley in his book Model T Ford: The Car That Changed the World.

 For instance, the Model T used multiple variations of no less than 13 different carburetors from at least four different manufacturers.


I don't think I've seen these hubcaps before

Planters Nutmobile

Goodwood sculpture 2004, the Rolls-Royce record breaking vehicles on land (Campbell-Railton Bluebird), sea (Bluebird K4) and air (Supermarine).

1946 DeSoto Skyview taxi

Checker A2 model, until 2005, only one was even known to exist. Then 6 were found on a farm in Finland... why Finland? 500 taxis were bought in Chicago for use during the 1952 Helsinki Olympics.

If I read the translated words correctly, they were used taxis, and when they arrived in Finland, the people in charge were not happy about the used condition... worse, the parliament refused to issue a permit for parts import. Regardless, the A2 Checkers were used for the 1952 Olympics, and after, were sent out to various small towns to be used as rural taxis. 

For some totally inexplicable reason (but I suspect profiteering), instead of looking for newer cars of better condition they purchased 1946-1948 Checkers instead of new (1951) models. They had the cars repaired and shipped to Finland.

Having little knowledge of shipping and other commercial matters, they let the cars be loaded and re-loaded two unnecessary times. That caused a large number of the cars to arrive beat up, in addition to the damages by the rough ocean voyage.

And now that we are caught up on the history, here is the present!

the Checker Ry Finland group has restored this one they found on a farm


I don't recall ever learning about a Checker collector before, but Ben had 300 some time ago, restored, in project status, and a lot of parts cars. Now he's down to only a few

Hollywood comedians were a fan of the Powell scooter, made right in Los Angeles

Dealerships sure came and went mighty fast, and LA is rife with small businesses that occupy the old buildings with no hint at their past elegance

I wonder what the graph would look like if the stats were known as to how many new car dealerships there were in each of the past 11 decades


Monday, April 24, 2017

Ansel Adams photos of a scooter dealership on Wilshire

once upon a time in LA when so many things were art deco first and foremost, and then functional. If they'd been more functional, they'd still be around.

the Packard dealership at 1285 E. Colorado Blvd. in Pasadena

Hillcrest Cadillac on Wilshire

one of the storylines of the newest Transformers movie is stranger than the first preview implied

Seems that the young hero woman trope isn't used up yet, and this latest of the Transformers movie is another heroine to inspire young women.

I think it's a bit strange myself to use the Transformers to get the girls of the world enthused to be robot sidekicks, but hey, Star Wars is pretty much going in that direction. Jen and Rey, you know?

So - the story in Entertainment Weekly is:

Anthony Hopkins is portraying Sir Edmund Burton, an astronomer who — with the help of the Transformer Hot Rod — has tracked these long-forgotten connections between the robots and the humans to another scholar, our movie's heroine who has no idea she harbors a genetic secret that could destroy (or save) the world, and Hot Rod has secretly been serving as her father’s 1963 Citroën DS.

It’s a rickety old thing, but she can’t part with it because she adores it,” Haddock says of the vintage vehicle. “This car has actually been put there to watch her and feedback information to Anthony Hopkins’s character about what she’s up to

When the 1986 animated Transformers movie * opened, it shocked young fans by killing off Optimus Prime and nearly every other beloved hero and villain from the series. That cleared the way for a new wave of characters — and Hasbro toys, the real motive for the pop culture crime — but for many kids, it was the end of their fandom.

It was also a bit past the peak of the Transformers popularity, and the toys needed a remake for future sales it was thought. They didn't recover though, not to the early 80s popularity, not even the highly advanced (in comparison to the original)  Transformers Beast Wars cartoon imagery could pull that off.

Hot Rod was one of the newcomers, an Autobot soldier who was granted the Matrix of Leadership to become the new good-guy commander under the title Rodimus Prime.

How'd it all start? The primary concept of the Transformers is that the heroic Optimus Prime, the villainous Megatron, and their finest soldiers crash land on pre-historic Earth in the Ark and the Nemesis before awakening in 1983, Cybertron hurtling through the Neutral zone as an effect of the war. The Marvel comic was originally part of the main Marvel Universe, with appearances from Spider-Man and Nick Fury,

The Movie also featured guest voices from Leonard Nimoy as Galvatron, Scatman Crothers as Jazz, Casey Kasem as Cliffjumper, Orson Welles as Unicron, Judd Nelson as Hot Rod, and Eric Idle as the leader of the Junkions


car warranties, rental cars, and car insurance

There I am, finding that the intermittent problem with my commuter is a failure of the turbo.

So, it's going to take a couple days for the Hyundai dealership system to get one to San Diego... seems having one on hand isn't deemed necessary in the 7th largest city in the USA.

Meanwhile, they offer me a rental car. Well, that's nice. However... rental cars aren't insured in any way, rental car companies insist you acquire your own insurance by either paying them, or having your insurance company cover them

But Allstate for example, my insurance company, only covers rental cars if you've had a car collision.

A moment to appreciate the irony, they will insure your rental car when you've been at fault or involved in a collision, but not when your car is in for warranty work and they've paid out nothing in a collision claim

Get that... they only find it appropriate to insure your rental car when you're a bad driver, and not when you're a good driver that has cost them nothing in claims for damage and medical.

FYI, I believe the car insurance company charges about 25 a day for the Ford Focus, and the insurance is about 29 a day for the minimum, and 39 a day for the full magilla. 

1955 NYC taxi ( Hack) medallion made of lead

A steampunk type movie I recently learned of

remember, just because you fall off the bike, doesn't mean you can't catch the damn thing and get back on

things might not work as well when you get older, but you still can get the job done by tenacity

the 1937/38 Mercedes Streamliner, the 540K Stromlinier

A prototype built to explore the higher speeds and lightweight aluminum body build processes in order to study efficiency, and tires.  If I read the translation correctly, it was to research what could be done to drive from Berlin to Rome in 1938. Previous efforts at redesigning an existing chassis, or adding more powerful engines was found to not attain the goal, so the body was lightened, and streamlined to reduce parasitic drag loss.

At the same time, Dunlop was looking for a long distance high speed research car for evaluating it's Autobahn tires at 170 km/h

An American soldier had the car from some time during, until after the war, and painted it to match Army vehicles, then it was parted out or reverse engineered, and then the car finally made it to the Mercedes Museum in the 50s, well, the frame and rear axle did.

Fortunately the templates still existed, and in 2011 the car was recreated by Mercedes-Benz Classic experts


a good race between well matched Mustangs at Goodwoods 75th Members Meet

Dan is driving his 2011 Jeep Wrangler all around Africa, and WOW, he's made it the most capable Jeep I've seen

he has a 2 year plan to explore the perimeter of the continent, and he's blogging about the experience http://theroadchoseme.com/

I hope he's getting a discount on Amazon, because he has spent thousands there to gear up and outfit his Jeep with everything expected to be needed for day to day living, and getting unstuck, and fixing flats, extra lighting, and extra space via a pop up roof. http://theroadchoseme.com/the-jeep

His previous expedition was Argentina to Alaska, and it took 2 years. Without GPS, and he seriously recommends to NEVER do that. That trip was in a 2000 Wrangler that cost him $6k

With all that experience of driving around the world, he is a force to behold in his prep work and knowledge of the right gear, and amounts of it. Mini fridge with dual Optima Batteries, and solar panels to charge them. None of it is connected to the Jeep for independent camping without having to run the engine.

http://theroadchoseme.com/  and get comfy, it's a long enjoyable read.